Inside Resources

New Zealand's online news and information service for the mining and quarrying sectors including a comprehensive industry participant, and, mine, quarry and permit database.

Inside Resources was launched in September 2013 and has been growing rapidly.

The subscription-based website provides executive interviews, news, opinions and commentary on a daily basis. It informs readers and assists high-level decision making around trends, projects and regulations influencing the minerals, aggregates, metals and coal industries. A daily e-newsletter is sent directly to your inbox

Other information tools include upcoming minerals permit deadline summary, live gold and platinum price graphs, live currency data, stockwatch, and a 30-minute electricity supply and demand display.


The organisation database provides details of the main industry players with operations in New Zealand, including major quarry owners and operators, coal and minerals exploration and production companies.  Information for each organisation includes:

  • Independent company blurb highlighting recent activities and previous operations
  • Links to all exploration and production assets
  • Quick links to most recent editorial content for the company
  • Up-to-date information including recent financials and graphs, and key operating metrics relevant to that specific company (where available)


The resource database provides details of mining and quarrying assets in New Zealand including exploration permits, and operating and planned resources.  Features of the database include:

  • Searchable by ownership, commodity and asset type and by operating status
  • Quick list showing asset name, asset type, ownership stakes and region
  • Independent asset overview highlighting recent activity, and consent information
  • Key resource data including ownership, permit duration, NZP&M deadlines
  • Links to most recent editorial content for the resource


Inside Resources is published by Freeman Media, an experienced Wellington-based publisher of business news and information services for corporate, professional and large organisation readers. It also runs large industry events.

It was established in 2002 by Matt Freeman publishing business magazines and websites in the telecommunications and IT sectors.