Cap Burn Exploration Permit 60300

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Cap Burn Exploration Permit 60300

Mineral Rangahau

The Cap Burn Exploration Permit EP60300 (formerly PP54616) lies in two separate parts on the Rock and Pillar Range 16km west of the Macraes mine and 100km NNW of Dunedin.  The east part covers 13.5 and the west part 5

Investment highlights

  • In the east part near Hyde gold deposited during rock metamorphism as it has at the Macraes mine. Anomalous gold, arsenic and antimony appear in soils over a 2 to 3 area covering texture zone IV schist. At the mine gold occurs in texture zone III schist
  • The northern half of the eastern area anomaly has had C-horizon soil sampling at 20m spacing in four E-W lines. The seven highest arsenic values range from 114 to 254ppm. In all 128 samples (37%) in an area greater than one, have more than 30ppm As. Loess may dilute these values
  • The operator believes that after identifying Au-As rich areas by soil sampling that local quartz float should be sampled to determine whether the gold is metamorphogenic. So far this has been confirmed only in one area and not tried elsewhere.


Mineral Rangahau 33.4%, Western Wood NZ 33.3%, Western Mathew NZ 33.3%

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Mineral Rangahau

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Kerry Stanaway 

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